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Describe what kind of video you are trying to create. Vignetto does the heavy lifting - sourcing premium video & crafting copy that represents your brand.


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Vignetto compiles, cuts, and edits video into one-of-a-kind, stunning, branded videos - up to 30 seconds in length. Change out clips, adjust copy, and export the final result to use instantly.

Developing video content doesn’t have to be painful

Traditional video production is expensive, time consuming, and resource intensive. With the demand for premium video content being greater than ever before, brands need a scalable, rapidly deployable solution that helps them create premium content using a fraction of the time and effort.

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Helping agencies reclaim lost time & productivity

The agency world is intense - competing timelines, varying demands, and fierce competition mean your time is your most precious resource. Vignetto is built to help you reclaim more of it. Create videos using premium video libraries in seconds at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated production resource.

Agencies love Vignetto because it helps them reclaim more time & redeploy resources toward more high-value, strategic projects. With Vignetto agencies can:
Satisfy endless content demands across a variety of clients & industries
Scale content development & distribution efforts
Refocus capital & resources on higher value strategic initiatives
Leverage premium video content for a variety of tactics, channels, & mediums
Save time & headaches typically spent on content development
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Unlock the power of premium video

Video has quickly become the most compelling way to communicate with both internal & external stakeholders. Just because your budget  doesn’t have a line item dedicated to video production doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice - with Vignetto, you don’t.

Organizations love Vignetto because it helps them unlock the power of video for a variety of communication needs & use cases. With Vignetto organizations can:
Create high-quality, premium videos at a fraction of the typical cost
Scale content development & distribution efforts
Edit & adjust AI-powered videos to fit specific organizational needs and brands
Leverage video to communicate with both internal & external stakeholders
Save time & headaches typically spent on content development
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Helping small businesses achieve more

You’ve got enough to worry about when owning and operating your own business. Social media, content development, and external communication are likely low on the priority list. With Vignetto, small businesses can supercharge their content development needs and achieve more with a fraction of the time & investment.

Business owners and entrepreneurs love Vignetto because it helps them create & distribute content in a fraction of the time. With Vignetto small businesses can:
Produce high-quality content in a fraction of the amount of time
Automate & outsource content development efforts
Refocus their energy on running & operating their business
Communicate with clients & customers more effectively
Save time previously spent learning multiple new tools & platforms
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Improve performance with enterprise-level features for high-volume posters like multiple brands or products, advanced editing, and much more.

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